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What’s the Hottest Thing a Guy Can Say During Sex?

Real sexy talk is not like porn has made it out to be. That’s completely the wrong picture and sense of dirty talking and dirty talk messages. It’s over the top, it’s too much, and it’s distasteful.
I once had a guy give me lots of compliments leading up to sex (you’re so hot, your tits are incredible, how can someone look so good, etc). Then, while going down on me he paused for a moment, and when I looked down he was just staring into my vagina. I asked what he was doing and he said “you have the prettiest vagina I’ve ever seen”. As someone with a praise kink I WAS DONE FOR. This was months ago and I’m still riding the high. To make it even better he had such a cute accent so the compliments sounded that much better. After I had one of the best orgasms of my life from him going down on me he looked at me again and said “well, I’m very hard right now” ughhh one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had. Being enthusiastic about pleasuring your partner and letting them know is the hottest thing there is.——beck898

Every woman likes to be flattered. Calling her beautiful, telling her that she is sexy, telling her how nice she smells or feels is always a winner in the bedroom.

Let's see more examples on reddit.

When he's just touching/admiring my body and says "God I fucking love you" When he does low grunts/groans, especially when I slide down onto him. When he says he is gonna cum.Basically anything showing he is genuinely really enjoying himself lol——SafariSammi

Research has shown that improving your partner’s sexual self-esteem can increase their pleasure, so it can be important to let your partner know how attractive you find her. Dirty talk like this can strengthen the attraction between you and your partner and give her an idea of how excited you are. You can use the phrase that this redditers partner said, or a similar one, before, during, and after sex.  

Be like, “Yeah, that feels so good. I love it when you…” is a good way to get her to do more of the same while at the same time boosting her confidence.

You can tell her what you want her change, stop doing or improve, but focus on what she’s doing right first. Why? Keep the sexual harmony alive between you and don’t turn it into a stressful, emotionally painful experience.

Let it be a time for both of you to enjoy yourself and feel good about yourselves.

To create positive feedback, never hesitate to give her compliments and praise her constantly, even when expressing the need for change, stopping certain behaviors, or suggesting improvements.

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