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Is anal sex pleasurable to both men and women?

If you think about it, men and women will never know each other’s anal sex experience. The biggest difference in the anatomy would be the presence of the prostate. The prostate is up against the rectal wall and is easily touched during anal sex. Touching the prostate is highly pleasurable. Women don’t have a prostate. 

Let's hear from women about their experiences:

Evelyn Dellcerro

I am a female and yes anal sex feels great. I have preferred anal sex over vaginal sex since I was a teen. If you look carefully at the picture below, I want you all to look at the pudendal nerve and follow it straight down to the clitoris. Now you see why anal sex makes women cum buckets. Anal sex sets me on fire and there are many women to this day that are scared to feel this kind of excitement and to lose themselves in an orgasm.

Pudendal nerve and clitoris
Original post

Believe that by now you have the answer, what could be more effective than speaking out in person. I believe that prostate stimulation is not the only purpose of anal sex.

There are of course other pleasures from anal sex. Chief amongst these are the sensations of stretch (of the sphincters), depth (how far something goes in), and bulk (the size of something that goes in ).

Triggering these sensation is highly pleasurable. These sensations relate back to normal anal functions so I don’t think that they are exclusive to men. Keep in mind that there are men who don’t like receptive anal sex and don’t find it pleasurable. I think we should expect the same in women. Stimulation in other ways during anal sex can be significant for success. In men that can be things like stimulating the penis or twisting the nipples ( it appears that 50% of men have sexually sensitive nipples). This sort of ‘co-stimulation ‘ during anal sex with a woman may or may not be significant.

For some people, anal sex can be a deeply intimate and pleasurable experience. It can create a sense of trust and vulnerability between partners, as well as a feeling of closeness and connection. 

Your anal exploration journey doesn’t need to begin and end with a partner. In fact, We advocates exploring on your own first.

When you’re alone, there’s no pressure to rush or to perform, you can spend your time feeling yourself (literally), which lets you discover what gets you off, what hurts or feels uncomfortable, and what new tricks you can bring into partner play.

Consider exploring masturbation for the first time with your finger(s) while in the shower or bathtub, suggests Laurie Mintz, PhD, author of Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters—And How to Get It. The warmth of the water can help your down-there muscles relax, she says. "As you insert your fingers, insert them a bit upwards toward the tailbone since this is how the anus curves," Mintz suggests. "Push in slowly and stop with any resistance. Your goal is to loosen and prepare the anus, not force anything."

If you’re feeling ~really~ committed to backdoor play (love that for you!), you might consider anal toys

anal sex toy

When you’re a beginner or intermediate anal play explorer, We suggests easing yourself into anal penetration with something smaller than a penis or dildo. A beginner-friendly butt plug, for example, will help teach your anal muscles to relax around something. Fingers and anal beads are also solid ways to introduce anal play.


No matter what you choose, make sure the toy is safe to insert in your rear. Unlike the vaginal canal which has an anatomical stopping point (the cervix), the anal canal keeps going and going (all the way up to your mouth!).

So, now is the time to buy your own anal toy and explore a whole new world. If you want to know more about prostate orgasms, please click here.