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How To Go Down On Her Like A Pro - Oral Sex Tips

1. Never go straight to the clitoris.

Before you go down on her, you can give her some foreplay to get her in the mood. Trust me, good foreplay will make the oral sex feel even better.

You can dim the lights, wear something sexy, caress her all over, gently rub her lady parts with your thighs while you touch her, or stroke her through her undies until she's wet and ready. Just make sure you don't go too hard too soon.

The point is to get her all worked up, so when her panties start getting wet, you know it's time to get down to business.

Or, you can keep teasing her a little longer and enjoy watching her squirm.

2. So, where is the clitoris.

Okay, so the clitoris is located in the middle of the labia minora, and it's a pretty obvious bump. But you won't be able to feel it with your fingers unless you spread the labia apart.

If you still can't find it, try using two fingers to pull the labia upward and you should see the clitoris hiding underneath. Once the woman is fully aroused, the clitoris will become engorged and very sensitive.

Don't try to lick it too hard or use the tip of your tongue to press on it - that won't feel good for her at all. Unless she specifically asks for it, or you're using a dental dam (which can reduce sensitivity), you'll need to put in some effort to make it feel good.

The clitoris is actually pretty similar in structure to the penis - it even has a foreskin. One reason why some women don't feel pleasure during oral sex is because their clitoral hood is too long. To fix this, you can use your finger to gently pull the skin above the clitoris upward and flip it over, but be careful not to hurt your partner.

However, I don't recommend exposing the entire clitoris unless the woman can't feel any pleasure at all. It's better to let it stay hidden under the hood, and use a bit of patience to stimulate it.

3. Think of cunnilingus a little like a blowjob.

Because most women prefer a gentle touch, you should use your tongue like a cat or dog lapping up water - relaxed and loose. Women's pleasure builds up gradually, so be patient and don't try to make her orgasm too quickly. Many women don't like that and enjoy the process more.

When you're licking, be mindful of the location - make sure your tongue stays around the clitoris and doesn't go too far down because that area contains the urethra, which can be painful and pose a risk of infection. That's why I recommend using a dental dam.

If you're new to oral sex and it's taking too long, the pleasure can start to decrease. In that case, you can put on some porn that she finds interesting to help set the mood. Even if you're not that experienced, this can make it easier for her to reach orgasm.

Or, we can spice things up with some fun toys - like tongue-shaped vibrators - to make oral sex even more exciting for both of us.


4.If you’ve found her sweet spot, for the love of God, stay there.

So when a girl is getting close to climax, she might start curling her toes and tensing up her thighs. Some girls even scream out loud! That means it's the final stretch, so you gotta go hard and fast, but make sure you hit the right spot (near the clit) and don't lick randomly, or you'll ruin all your hard work.

When she finally orgasms, her body will start shaking and some girls might even grip your head with their legs. That's when you gotta keep going and give her a few extra strokes to make it last even longer. But if she starts pushing you away, stop or she might kick you in the face.

Girls can have multiple orgasms, but they need a little break in between. Give her about ten minutes and then she'll be ready to go again. Hey, if you're feeling a bit worn out, don't worry! Just switch it up and try using some different toys. Believe me, a girl's orgasm can come crashing like waves on the shore, as long as you know how to use the right tools.

You can even try using insertable toys like dildos at this point. Just remember to communicate with your partner and make sure they're comfortable with it. And always use plenty of lube to make things more comfortable and enjoyable!


5.Never go into it thinking you’re a sex god.

And remember, always lick the clit and don't try to stick your tongue in her vagina or you'll mess everything up.

And last but not least, clean up afterwards!